Darach Shire is a part of the Kingdom of Caid, one of the major “kingdoms” of the SCA.

The shire hosts up to an average of 10-15 or more meetings, workshops (such as cooking, herbal, textiles, or woodworking), and practices a month, and between 3-5 major events a year.

Shire Meetings are held once a month, during which we discuss shire assets, upcoming events, newcommer help, guild activities, arts and sciences, children’s activities, and Kingdom participation. Attending a shire meeting is a good place to start getting involved at the local level.

Fighter practices are held out at Via Marina park, Oxnard, on nearly every Sunday from 12 noon until about 3 or 4 pm. Fighter practice encompasses both Heavy Weapons and Rapier Fence. Heavy Weapons is an unchoreographed martial art, recreating swordplay of the middle ages, using rattan swords, shields, and a variety of other secondary weapons. Rapier Fence is medieval Fencing in the round, using foil, epee, musketeer, or schlager (no saber). Please contact the heavy weapons or rapier fence host to confirm practices. Be sure to check in with hosts when it’s been rainy, because sometimes there are alternate indoor fighter practice locations available on occasion.

Notice: To all our shire lovelies out there, there will be two offices opening up towards the end of this year: The position of the Exchequer and the position of Chronicler. If either money or writing interests you and you would like to get more involved with Darach Shire stuff, now might be the perfect time find out more about it. Send a message to seneschal@darach.org if you are interested either of those or maybe just becoming a deputy. If you just CAN’T wait.. you can pop by the shire meeting at the Oxnard public library.

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