It’s already time to mark your calendars for Black Oak Lodge 2017…….


Come and join us, in the coastal mountains of Caid, from Friday March 10th, thru Sunday

March 12th. Enjoy a weekend of 15th century Italian Delights and Dainties—Classes—

Shenanigans—and Intrigue! The Shire of Darach presents for your enjoyment “Masquerade—

aka Poisoning Paisanos in the Park”.


There will be archery, classes, games of intrigue, and contests. And, of course, a People’s

Choice Arts Competition.


This year includes camping, as well as warm bunks, and All food from Friday night’s soup

kitchen thru Sunday morning’s breakfast. Just bring your clothes, bedding, feast gear, arts,

appetites, and wits!


Location: Camp Josepho, 3000 Rustic Canyon Rd, in Pacific Palisades.


Options available are:

Camping under the trees—Or—enclosed accommodations for 2 nights (upstairs bunk rooms in

the main hall), and a *limited* number of 8 person bunks for households)


For the Entire weekend of bunking or camping –All meals included:


Weekend Registration— $85.00—-Adult SCA members $80. After December 31st rates *go up



Children to age 18 *free* !!


Day Trip Registrations are available with the following options:


1) Day trip with no meals ————$ 15.00 for SCA Members $10.00

(no need for RSVP)


2) Day Trip with lunch—————-$25.00 for SCA Members $20.00


3) Day trip with lunch and feast——$35.00 for SCA Members $30.00


After December 31st, all options with meals will *go up* an extra $5.00)


Again, reservations are *Essential*—for any of the options that include *meals*. We are still

far enough away from a local grocery store that the cooks will not be able to go shopping if we

run out of bread or meat. Also, since there will be Late Registration fees— be gentle on your

pocketbook–and our hardworking Planning Staff by taking advantage of *early * registration,

that is, *prior* to December 31st. And remember, bunk space is *limited*, too.


Please *stayed tuned* for more information and updates—on classes, games.

—-The Pre-Registration form—-

Also, visit our Facebook Event Page for social information.

Comptesse Albra and Dame Ismay

Your Black Oak Lodge Stewards for 2017