Upcoming SCA events for Darach Shire:


Shire of Darach Anniversary Tournament/Altavia-Darach Equestrian Championship
Sunday, May 7th. Starting 9 am.

Continue your enjoyment of the lovely Crown Tournament site by celebrating the 42nd anniversary of the Shire of Darach.

The field will be open for both Heavy Weapons and Rapier contests to determine the Champions and Protector of Darach Shire.

Due to safety considerations, notification regarding the Altavia – Darach Equestrian Championship will be distributed on the Equestrian, Darach and Altavia lists following inspection of the equine facilities.

The event will be held at the Crown Tournament site – Live Oak Campground, 4600 CA-154, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

There is no registration fee for participants arriving on Sunday for either the Privy Council, or the Darach Anniversary Tournament.


Autocrat – THL Kelvin of Tynedale

Contact – seneschal@darach.org