Upcoming SCA events for Darach Shire:


Pirate Tourney (Darach)

Saturday, August 19th, 2017, 8am – 6pm

Arrrr! Ahoy Me Hearties! Once again, rumors abound of those pesky pirates returning to the fine shores of Caid! (Must have heard about our gold coast up in Darach and became confused.) We thought we got rid of them last year, but they be persistent and have returned.

Being the defenders of Caid’s Golden Coast, Darach has begun to mount a defense, but we can’t do it alone! So, come one, come all, and let’s drive those scurvy sea dogs off of our shores! Or, you can join the scallywags if you wish… but do so at your own peril!

The pirates made it all the way to the tiny hamlet of Camarillo. Darachshire and her Caidan brethren plan to meet the knaves on Saturday, August 19, 2017, at Valle Lindo Park in Camarillo. To be sure there will be plenty of piratey fashions to been seen, eye patches a plenty, fun and games, and even a sea shanty or two (but please, no rum)! And, naturally, there’ll be plenty of fighting to be had! Armored and rapier lists for certain, and unarmored and youth combat as well if the interest and numbers are there. There may even be treasure for those who help defeat the pirates!

We will also have a white elephant sale, where you just might find some special treasures to add to your SCA collection!

So, make haste to the shores of Caid, to the fair Shire of Darach, and send those pirates to back to see ol’ Davy Jones!

Location: Valle Lindo Park, 889 Aileen St, Camarillo, CA 93010

Adult Registration is $12 with a $5.00 member discount. Children 5-12 are $4.00, children under 5 are guests of the shire.

8:00am: Site opens.
10:00am: Opening court.
6:00pm: Site closes.

Take your favorite route to the US 101 freeway toward Camarillo.
*From the South/East: Exit at Carmen Dr. and turn right.
*From the North/West: Exit at Carmen Dr. Offramp exits onto Ventura Blvd. Turn left onto Ventura Blvd., and then immediately turn left again onto Carmen and over the freeway.
From Carmen, turn left onto Ponderosa. Turn right onto Lantana and then left onto Coe. The park will be on the left. Parking is on the street (sorry).

Warning: Your GPS might tell you to go straight up Carmen, past Ponderosa, and turn left at Coe. Do NOT follow that direction! There is a center divider that blocks the way. You’d have to drive another few blocks to find a place to make a u-turn.

Event Steward: THL Catherine Ainsdale of Lancashire
Email: piratetourney@darach.org