Heavy Weapons

Via Marina Park, Oxnard California

Heavy Weapons is an un-choreographed martial art, recreating swordplay of the middle ages, using rattan swords, shields, and a variety of other secondary weapons. Heavy Weapons practices are held on the same day/time as the Rapier practices. Please contact the heavy weapons host to confirm practices. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in Heavy Weapons.Helpful reading: The Armored Combat handbook of Caid.


Via Marina Park, Oxnard California

Rapier Fence is medieval Fencing in the round, using foil, epee, musketeer, or schlager (no saber). Currently rapier practices are almost every Sunday, at Via Marina Park in Oxnard. When the weather turns sour, there are sometimes indoor fencing practices. Please contact the fencing host to confirm practices. You must be at least 14 years old to participate in Rapier Fencing.

Almost every Sunday afternoon, from noon until about 4 pm, the Rapier fighters meet for practice at Via Marina Park, in Oxnard. Helpful reading: The Rapier Combat handbook of Caid

There are some shade trees at the park, and it’s fine to set out blankets, chairs, tables, whatever your heart desires to make your time in the park more enjoyable. Fighters and their families sometimes bring small children with them to practice, and there is a small playground on site. You should bring your own water and/or snacks, although sometimes people bring extra water and cups to share. Observers (non-fighters) are always welcome, but will be asked to keep a safe distance from the fighting.

  • Fencers: There is some loaner equipment and armor available, if you’re just getting started. You will, of course, need to provide your own groin protection. You will also be taught the safety rules of SCA Rapier Fencing so that you can later be authorized in Rapier.
  • Heavy Weapons: Loaner equipment is not always available, however you should be able to work with a sword on solo training (no partner) and you will be taught the safety rules of SCA Heavy Weapons. Check with the host of the practice if you are unsure.
  • Authorization: “Authorization” is required for all martial arts activities in the SCA. Authorization does not certify that you have achieved any specific skill in Rapier or Heavy Weapons, but shows that you have demonstrated knowledge of SCA martial arts rules of combat, safety regulations, and armor requirements. You must be authorized in order to participate in SCA tournaments.
  • Waivers: If you are an authorized fighter, please bring your authorization card. If you are not authorized, you’ll be asked to complete a waiver on site, or you could bring a completed waiver with you to the practice.
  • If you’d like more information on SCA fighting arts, please visit the SCA marshal page and the kingdom marshal page.
  • There are some images of rapier fencing and heavy weapons fighting in the CAID Commons picture gallery. There is also a home page run by a former shire member where you can find additional rapier pictures and photos of heavy weapons at a local shire tournament.